Spanish Academy in Rome

The complicated topography of the San Pietro convent and the cultural relevance of the edifice of The Royal Academy of Spain influenced a rather conservative approach to this rehabilitation proposal. Our team’s intention was to create a contemporary cultural center, by working with the valuable existing buildings and balancing the new additions against the high standard of spatial quality imposed by the ensemble. If the intervention on the existing buildings seeks to make the internal route clean and straightforward, the new buildings add landmarks to this already established trail, highlighting the nucleus, the semi-private, elongated garden. Preserving the typology of a terraced garden, the new buildings integrate seamlessly into the topography, with the notable exception of the art studios, a singular building that assumes a strong position, establishing a daring rapport with the convent. The result is a vivacious semi-public space, elaborating on the enclosed garden motif of Rome, an ensemble of built and open spaces dedicated to expressing contemporary culture and to enhancing the experience of this historical landmark of the city of Renaissance Rome.